Five Popular Mexican Foods You Should Try

Nowadays, there are many various foods in this world. Each country and region have particular recipes and meals. It makes people curious and wants to try those foods. However, people now can taste some delicious cuisines by making them at home. This way allows people to save some money to come to the place. There’s a reason why you can find Mexican Food¬†practically wherever you go. The taste will be tastier if you visit the country, and buy them from the local restaurants. Here is the list of Mexican cuisines you should know;



Making tacos is a bit complicated at home. The taco shell is made from corn tortillas. The scale is heated in a skillet or directly on the pan. A fork is then used to check that the opening is still open. The rest of the recipe is very similar and familiar. Ground beef is sauteed with onion, garlic, and “a little cumin” or sometimes a little tomato. Then the ground beef is added, followed by cheese, lettuce, tomato, and finally cheese. Use avocado, salsa, or sour cream to taste.


Gorditas resemble mini pitas filled with meat and beans. Picadillo is the most popular filling for gorditas. Josie’s family makes picadillo with ground meat and tiny cubes of potatoes. Puree the onions, garlic, and chicken Knorr in a blender. Pour the tomato mixture over the meat and potatoes. Besides, you can serve with a meat dish or a special filling in the gorditas.


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