Guide to Poker on Television

To see more men and women playing, especially on TV. It is a sensible way to learn from professionals. You can see what they do in real situations, not just what they say they want to play in their books. Watching poker helps you improve your sport and playing games at new online casinos. You can discover pots, shuffles, hand dictation, and many other basics and innovative psychological counseling strategies.

Visit a Great Poker Deal on TV. Social networks are taking note of the viewers. People who have a lot of money are crazy about poker. Below are some TV series that are still on the air and are highly recommended.

Celebrity Poker Showdown

This is Bravo, usually on Thursday nights. Some of these celebrities are extremely fantastic. Of course, there is also this wonderful and terrible time when you can see someone on the D-list or go down into the lake. Phil makes professional comments. Every week there is a short film that describes the principles of why Texas Hold’Em is used without limits and the rules of the game.

World Series of Poker


ESPN is currently screening episodes of WSOP 2005. Johnny Chan wins his tenth WSOP bracelet at the Pot Limit Hold ‘Em event. It was fantastic. A week or two before that, Josh Arieh, a great player who does not have much time to air (though), plays and wins Omaha’s tournament. Even if you are not a poker fan, you can enjoy the epic nature of the World Poker Game, with its international arena that is the pinnacle.

World Poker Tour on Travel Channel

Travel around the world from this chair and watch the World Poker Tour professionals. They play in exotic places like Aruba and Paris. Man tries to give nicknames to a possible mix of hands. Completing the collection of comments is the beautiful Shana Hiatt. She conducts interviews with experts and presents clear details about the poker game’s lifestyle for each incident. She is a real poker when she arrives fresh and new to your house every week. These are not the only poker screens on TV. Laura Prepon of That 70s Show created the show and starred in some of these episodes with her lover Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle) and some friends like Chris’ brother and the star of That 70s Show, Danny Masterson (Hyde).

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